Competition & Offer Terms & Conditions

The Golden Straw

Purchase a Speed Snorkel and we will ship out a free Golden Straw if you complete a drink in under 1 second.

The video must not contain anyone under 18 years of age.

The video must be clear and clearly show the product and the time.

The video must contain either spoken or captioned #TheGoldenStraw.

The drink must be unopened prior to the video starting.

The drink must be judged as finished by one of our team members.

Shipping will not be included.


Free Speed Snorkel in exchange for 3 Videos

Purchase a Speed Snorkel and we will refund the cost of the Speed Snorkel when we receive 3 different videos of the product being used.

This is limited to the first 50 customers only.

The videos must be clear and clearly showing the product being used.

The videos must all be completely different, ie. not the same person in the same scenario. It can be the same person, but just in a different scenario each time. It can also be different people in the same scenario.

The videos must have persons clearly above 18 years of age.

The videos must not have been already sent in or used on our social platforms.

Shipping is not included in the refund.